Uptown Columbus

2020 Market Days on Broadway Application

Mandatory Vendor Assignment Day: Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 9am

Opening Day: Saturday, April 18, 2020

We will have a panel that reviews every application to determine whether a vendor falls in line with an authentic traditional farmers market - handmade products, homegrown produce and homemade artisan goods. Absolutely no direct sales consultants or reselling of products will be allowed, regardless if you have been a part of Market Days in prior years.

Please answer ALL applicable questions as completely as possible. You must submit a complete application and payment by Thursday, February 27, 2020. Incomplete applications or non-processed payments will not be included. Late applications will not be considered for the 2020 season. Not all vendors will be approved. If a vendor is not approved, we will issue a refund for their application fee.

Business Name:
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Contact Cell:
E-mail Address: Please double check your email is typed correctly. We communicate exclusively via email with vendors.
Website/Facebook Address:
Returning Vendor:
If Yes:
1. Please list the block you set up on in the 2019 season.
2. Please list a landmark near your booth in 2019.

Booth Space:

Each vendor will be reviewed by a panel in order to be approved. Select applicants may be asked to provide photos of products or meet with our review panel. On Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 9am we will have a mandatory meeting for all vendors, then assign locations. Vendors are not allowed to move spaces at any time throughout the season without the assistance and approval of an Uptown Columbus staff member. Allocated spaces may not be held if vendor misses 3 consecutive weeks.

Market Days on Broadway strives to be an authentic farmers market, with all homegrown, home-produced and handmade products. List all products (produce, baked goods, crafts, etc.) you plan to sell at the market. Products that are not produced in such a manner will be subject to approval by Uptown Columbus.

Market Days on Broadway Rules and Regulations

  1. Market Days on Broadway hours of operation are 9:00 am – Noon every Saturday beginning April 18, 2020.
  2. The Market will set up in the 1200, 1100 and 1000 block of Broadway, as well as the median of the 900 block.
  3. A one-time $150 fee will be required by each vendor and will provide a vendor a 10x10 (approximate) space for the entire season. If needing more space, an additional 10x10 space can be purchased for $150. This will be strictly enforced this year.
  4. The Market is a traditional farmers market. Primary sales will be locally grown farm products, baked goods and homemade crafts. There will be no direct sales consultants, reselling products of any type or promotion of a for-profit business.
  5. All items sold by the applicant will be reviewed and must be high quality, safe and an enhancement to the Market atmosphere. If your items are NOT handmade, homemade or homegrown, you will be asked to remove them from your table or leave the market.
  6. Uptown Columbus staff will assign and manage reserved spaces. Vendors are not allowed to move spaces at any time throughout the season without the assistance and approval of an Uptown Columbus staff member.
  7. Set up may occur as early as 6:00 am. Tear down must begin no later than Noon.
  8. Vendors must bring their own tables, chairs, canopies and/or display racks.
  9. Vendors must unload their supplies, products, etc. by their designated space and use the parking available in the RiverCenter Parking Garage (entrance from Broadway or Front Avenue) or the Front Avenue Parking Garage (entrance from Front Avenue).  No parking on medians.
  10. Displays MUST be presentable as determined by Uptown Columbus staff.
  11. Any scale used for determining price must be calibrated.
  12. Vendors will display their products in a clean and safe manner.
  13. Vendors should operate their business in a professional manner at all times.
  14. At the close of Market, participants will clean their immediate area and remove all boxes, packing materials, trash, etc.. If area is not clean each week, vendor may be dismissed from the Market permanently. Tear down must begin no later than Noon.
  15. This is not a discount market. Anyone engaging in price wars will be removed from the Market.
  16. Organically grown products must be certified by the State. You cannot use "organic" wording to describe your product unless is has been certified.
  17. Vendors are required to display a sign identifying the farm or business by name and location.
  18. Uptown Columbus staff has the right to refuse vendor participation if the product does not fit the primary mission of the Market.
  19. A vendor CANNOT sublease or share their space at any point in the calendar year.
  20. Vendors are required to pay all applicable state and local taxes.
  21. Refunds will only be given if your application is not approved prior to the start of the 2020 market. Otherwise, no refunds will be given for any reason.


I have read the UPDATED 2020 Market Days on Broadway Rules and Regulations. I agree to abide by and operate by the Market's Rules and Regulations, cooperate with the Market management and pay the required fees. I agree to sell at Market Days on Broadway only those items I have listed.

I understand that the management reserves the right to restrict the type of product(s) I am allowed to sell at the Market. I agree that any new, additional products must be pre-approved by Uptown Columbus prior to sale. I acknowledge those products must be of my own production. I acknowledge full responsibility for all my activities in the Market (and for those assisting me) throughout the term of this season's Market (April 18, 2020 – March 30, 2021).

I acknowledge the authority of the Market Manager to immediately settle any disputes regarding product legitimacy, procedural and vendor conduct violations subject to appeal under the procedures set forth in the Market rules. I agree to allow the Market Manager and/or representatives of the Market to inspect the premises where the products offered for sale are produced at anytime. Failure to allow an inspection will constitute a violation of Market rules. I understand that Market Days on Broadway and Uptown Columbus do not carry any insurance policies to cover vendors.

I agree to operate my vendor space in a safe and courteous manner as set forth by this agreement. I understand that failure to comply with the rules and regulations could result in dismissal from the Market.

I certify that by filling out the fields below that the information contained in this application is true and accurate.

Name of Business:
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Must be paid by Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mailing Address:
Uptown Columbus
Attn: Market Days on Broadway
P.O. Box 1237
Columbus, Georgia 31902
Office Address:
Uptown Columbus
25 West 10th Street, Suite 4
Columbus, Georgia 31901
All my products are homemade by me, handmade by me or homegrown by me. I am not a direct sales consultant, reselling products of any type or promoting a for-profit business.
If I use a generator, I acknowledge that it will be a whisper or silent generator.
I acknowledge that if I do not set up 3 weeks in a row, I am subject to lose my assigned spot.
I acknowledge that by submitting this application, I am not guaranteed a space at Market Days.
I acknowledge that I must submit FULL payment by Thursday, February 27, 2020 and attend the vendor assignment day on Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 9am.