Uptown has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past 25 years, and Uptown Columbus, Inc. and the Business Improvement District have helped lead the way. We're a private, non-profit organization chartered to encourage and support quality development and redevelopment in Uptown Columbus.

Uptown Columbus, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization facilitates and coordinates economic revitalization initiatives throughout the Central Business District, Riverfront and throughout Uptown. 

In 1999, Uptown Columbus, Inc. championed the legislation for the creation and management of the Business Improvement District, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization facilitates and coordinates economic revitalization. Property owners within the 47-block area pay a special assessment above their regular property taxes. This assessment is collected by the City of Columbus and the City contracts with the BID to provide and manage BID services. The BID will go through a renewal process with property owners in 2013-2014

The Columbus BID Ambassadors, better known as "Purple People", patrol the streets of Uptown Columbus seven days a week courteously providing directions, information, and assistance to visitors, patrons, property owners, business owners and employees in the BID District. The BID Ambassadors help ensure that all who visit Uptown enjoy the experience so they will likely visit the area again. They enhance public safety, serving as "eyes and ears" on the street, and the presence of the ambassador's aids in overall crime prevention.

The Columbus Business Improvement District maintains a superior level of cleanliness and maintenance on the streets and sidewalks of Uptown Columbus. The BID specializes in providing the business and property owners a clean and safe program customized to their needs. The Clean Team works seven days a week in the Central Business District on litter prevention and control, mechanical sweeping, and pressure washing.

Uptown's Vision Statement: A thriving Uptown is the heartbeat of the community and region. Uptown’s historic character attracts residents, workers and visitors from all over our region; is safe and attractive; and is known as the place to live, work, play, shop and learn. 

Uptown's Mission Statement: To create a safe, attractive and vibrant Uptown through historic preservation and development that enhances residential living, workforce, entertainment, shopping, the arts and learning.