This is the most exciting thing to happen to Whitewater Rafting in the Country. Come raft with us on the Chattahoochee River, the longest urban whitewater rafting in the world! The course has been described to be “Wild as Colorado and as Warm as Costa Rica.”

Interested in booking a trip down the Chattahoochee? Contact Whitewater Express at 1.800.676.7238 or You can also book a trip by stopping into the Whitewater Express store located at 1000 Bay Avenue.

Age Requirements and Pricing
Classic Trip

On this trip you will enjoy class III whitewater. Everyone will learn how to to 'run the rapids' and 'surf the play holes'! The Classic runs daily!
Rafters must be 7 years old or 60 lbs.

High Water Trip
Experience the biggest whitewater in the eastern United States! The river has rapids like those found in Colorado and Zimbabwe! You will be accompanied by expert guides who will bring you home to tell a great new story of your experience! The High Water Trip runs daily after 4pm and is for the more adventurous.
Rafter must be 12 or older

Click here to download the Rules of the River.

Whitewater Columbus, GA is the longest urban whitewater course in the WORLD at 2.5 miles long. The course starts right below the North Highland Dam and finishes behind the Columbus Iron Works Convention and Trade Center.

For information regarding kayaking classes and rentals on the Chattahoochee river visit either of the following websites:
Outside World
Whitewater Express

Viewing the Whitewater Course
One of the best places to view folks rafting is on RiverWalk Island, located directly below Eagle and Phenix, off the Columbus RiverWalk. The island is open daily from 9am - 8pm (times approximate and depend on weather/river conditions).

Release Schedule
Friday, August 29
Dawn to Noon - 800 to 1000 CFS
Noon to Dark - 9000 CFS

Saturday, August 30
Dawn to 2pm - 800-1000 CFS
2pm to 3pm - 4500 CFS
3pm to 4pm - 9000 CFS
4pm to Dark - 800-1000 CFS

Note - the Release Schedule is subject to change, and will be updated daily by 10am Eastern time.